S03E06 – Tales from Gen Con

Today on Save vs. Rant, we chronicle Jeremy’s annual vacation to Gen Con, North America’s largest game convention and a perennial favorite destination of ours. For four days every year, the latest and greatest in gaming can be found in one large complex in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Join us as we discuss Jeremy’s experience – what he enjoyed about the convention, what stood out to him, and what loot he returned with when it was complete.

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S03E04 – Setting Spotlight: The Forgotten Realms

Today we will be discussing a classic setting that dates back to the origins of Dungeons and Dragons – the Forgotten Realms, fantasy writer Ed Greenwood’s personal setting originally created when he was but a lad. While it is not our favorite setting here at Save Vs. Rant, it is an integral part of gaming lore and an iconic setting that changed the fantasy roleplaying landscape forever.


S03E02 – Subsystems, Minigames and Mechanics

Today’s episode is about the small portable parts of RPGs – mechanics (the individual rules that can be separated out), the subsystems (expansions to existing mechanics within a game) and the minigames (games within a game). Understanding what they are and what the overall effect of them together is an important step if you have ambitions of customizing or developing your own game.

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S03E01 – Player Archetypes

Today on Save Vs. Rant, we’re going to talk about the kinds of people who play RPGs. No, this isn’t a dissection of gaming culture (although we may yet rant about that), but a discussion of the different motivations people have for playing RPGs. We also touch briefly on the classification of RPGs and Tabletop Games in general, but that’s yet another topic for a future podcast.

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S02E24 – Fortress of the Stone Giants

Continuing our ongoing examination of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path by Paizo Publishing, the next installment for us to examine is Fortress of the Stone Giants, a combination civic defense / dungeon crawl adventure. Join us as we continue our discussion of what works, what doesn’t, what was improved in the anniversary edition and, most importantly in our estimation, what we can all learn from this masterful series of adventures.