Episode 2 – Bookkeeping

With a wee few exceptions, every game features some sort of bookkeeping, be it tracking the position of the pieces on a board, recording important information about the player’s resources or simply recording the history of the game. In today’s edition of Save Vs Rant, we delve into this topic, discussing both front-end and back-end bookkeeping in games (especially RPGs).

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Soft Launch

Today marks the soft launch of the Save Vs Rant podcast! Pardon the dust as there’s still some work to be done on the site. Expect to see more here both in content and presentation in the coming weeks.

Currently, the podcast will be available on this site for download or streaming. We have not yet taken the technical steps to publish the podcast to any of the major outlets, but that will also be coming soon, as it’s just a matter of determining which of several methods will be most expedient.

Our hope is that we will leave you entertained and educated regarding the multifaceted world of tabletop and traditional games. Thanks for joining us on this journey!