S02E08 – Pathfinder Playtest

Today’s episode is all about our impressions of the Pathfinder Playtest. Since we’re both veteran Pathfinder players, we came to the playtest with a pretty strong understanding of what we felt were Pathfinder’s strengths and weaknesses, and what makes Pathfinder, Pathfinder.  As such, we were both excited to see the developments.

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S02E07 – Expansions

What’s a gaming group to do when you feel like your favorite games are played out? The answer may be “find a new game,” but it might also be “get an expansion!” Today’s Save Vs. Rant is about expansions – their history, what kind of expansions exist, the advantages – and disadvantages – of each, and why they may or may not be right for your gaming group.

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S02E06 – Cohorts

Today’s episode is all about a specific brand of NPC ally – the cohort. For our purposes, a cohort is a character that the player has some control over, but not the level of control they may have over a player characters. They are common in some of the most popular RPGs and can be traced back to the very early days of Dungeons and Dragons. Join us as we discuss how they have been and can be used in RPGs both past and present.

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