S02E22 – The Skinsaw Murders

Today on Save Vs. Rant, we are continuing our look at the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path with Part 2: The Skinsaw Murders. Gruesome murders, a haunted house and a vicious cult. Join us as we delve deeper into this adventure path!

Note: There is some content in this module that may be disturbing for some listeners at around the 11:34 mark. We give a content warning before discussing this material, and skipping forward about a minute at that time will allow you to avoid all discussion of the particulars of this content.

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S02E21 – Burnt Offerings

Today on Save Vs. Rant, we’re discussing the first module of Rise of the Runelords, the first adventure in Pathfinder’s Adventure Path series set in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Setting. Why would we review an Adventure Path from 2007 (re-released in 2012)? Not only because of the insight it gives us into the mentality professional game designers creating memorable adventures, but also as a retrospective on Paizo Publishing’s masterful Adventure Path series!

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S02E17 – NPC Construction

Today’s Save Vs. Rant is about the design philosophy of NPCs in RPGs. While every game system has its own guidelines and rules for the design of characters (some unifying the systems for PCs and NPCs, some treating the two completely different), the basic philosophy behind designing NPCs remains the same across the entire spectrum of RPGs, and in today’s episode, we’ll discuss different approaches, exploring their strengths and weaknesses.

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