Episode 13 – Seafall

Today’s episode is all about the game SeaFall, a 4x inspired Legacy game by the ingenious designer Rob Daviua. Despite the fact that Daviua is a living legend, we at SVR do not recommend SeaFall. It is our opinion that the game has too many flaws to provide a game experience we feel is up to the standards to which one should reasonably be able to hold someone largely responsible for the #1 rated game on BoardGameGeek.com.

Since this is a Legacy game played as an unfolding campaign THIS ENTIRE EPISODE IS A SPOILER. If you intend to play SeaFall at some point, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE.

Having said that, the remainder of this blog post is safe and will not contain spoilers about Seafall.

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GenCon Special

GenCon’s tagline is “The Best Four Days in Gaming,” and we here at Save Vs. Rant agree enthusiastically. As veterans of the convention, we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to attend the 50th anniversary of the iconic celebration of gaming culture! Today’s special podcast details our experience at the convention and some of the highlights of what we saw.

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GenCon 50th Anniversary

We have just gotten back from GenCon 2017, the 50th anniversary of the convention, so there’s not going to be a Save Vs. Rant this week. We will resume our normal release schedule starting next week. The convention was exhausting, but amazing, with tons of sights to see and things to do, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a strong interest in tabletop games.

Episode 6 – I’m Chaotic Evil

The struggle between good and evil remains one of the most common themes in fantasy literature. Since fantasy is the genre that defined the most popular roleplaying games, it should not be surprising that this conflict is frequently reflected in both the setting fluff and rules crunch of the games. Today, we tackle the topic of alignment systems in roleplaying games.

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