GenCon Special

GenCon’s tagline is “The Best Four Days in Gaming,” and we here at Save Vs. Rant agree enthusiastically. As veterans of the convention, we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to attend the 50th anniversary of the iconic celebration of gaming culture! Today’s special podcast details our experience at the convention and some of the highlights of what we saw.

Some specific shout outs:

Wartime by WizKids was a unique experience to play. I demoed it was one of the designers and had a blast! It’s a bit of a quirky gaming experience, since it’s such an unexpected concept to try to bring to tabletop, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m especially curious to see how the concept gets expanded upon in future releases.

Kingdom Death Monster by Adam Poots Games, LLC is an incredible horror game, and a labor of love by its creators. The game gives new meaning to horror with not only its khafkaesque world of monstrous horror and unfathomable brutality, but with its absolutely terrifying price tag.

Victoriana by BJ Gailey and Brad Lawrence is a cooperative game set in the Victorian era (as the name would suggest). Shout out to Lawrence for his ability to sell his game! Despite the fact that there was not a full demo available at GenCon, both of us here at SVR are excited for this release!

Captain Sonar by Asmodee is another novel real-time experience that pits two crews of four against each other in submarine warfare. If you have a large game group – or know another small game group that isn’t averse to a combined get together – this could be a great game for you!

Finally, you know you have a game in your mind just waiting to be created. The Game Crafter can make that happen.  Seriously – look into it. The company is amazing, and their work it quality without completely breaking the bank.

GenCon is an amazing experience, and we highly recommend it for the avid gamer. There are panels with famous (and up-and-coming) designers and industry moguls, media guests, True Dungeon runs, exhibitions and, of course, no end of games to participate in. Give the convention a chance, and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

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